Youth Groups and Field Trips


Youth Groups and Field Trips

YMCA Camp Arrowhead makes booking and holding your event as easy as possible to reduce the extra hassle on your end. Here are the typical steps groups will take as they travel through their Arrowhead Adventure.


Before your Arrive – Assessment. Prior to your visit the lead for your group will receive a pre-visit survey to be completed at least two weeks prior to your event. The assessment will act as a learning tool for Camp Arrowhead to better understand the purpose and goals of your event— whether it be a recreational day, retreat focused on strategic planning, or teambuilding dialed in on communication.
Full-day/Corporate retreats will have an option for a face-to-face consultation to better address the needs and wants of the group.

The Adventure Begins – Arrive and Thrive! Upon your arrival, Camp Arrowhead Adventure staff will greet you and escort your group to their reserved shelter/building. The group will go over housekeeping and safety procedures. Once program waivers have been collected the group will begin their selected programming. Adventure staff will lead all activities with provided equipment and supplies.

During Your Adventure – Participants will be placed in group of 8-12 in most cases (depending on chosen programming) as they partake in their adventure. Camp Arrowhead staff will facilitate activities and allow the group to communicate their ideas and opinions while collaborating on a plan of attack. Staff is not there to give you the answers but to mediate the group’s disagreements and compromises while helping to reflect on even the smallest successes.

Reflection – The day will come to a close with a small and large group reflection. Adventure staff will provide a platform for participants to share their personal and group development.  After your visit the lead will be sent a post-visit survey. This survey will be sent 1-2 weeks after your visit to assess if the group has taken concepts learned at Arrowhead and applied them to day-to-day practices. The survey is also a tool Arrowhead utilizes to determine the overall effectiveness and quality of its programming.
Full-day/Corporate retreats will have an option for a face-to-face post-consultation.