Aquatic Center

Aquatic Center

Camp Northpoint Swim Center is an exclusive experience for our YMCA members. Come enjoy the aquatic center with the entire family to enjoy the summer sun with our amazing swim center staff. Enjoy music and relaxation while cooling off with your family and friends. Our member service staff will be there to make sure your experience is everything you expected it to be.

To enjoy our Swim Center, please present your YMCA Membership card upon arrival.  For your convenience, we offer three locker room facilities: Women/Girls, Men/Boys, and Family/Special Needs.  The Family/Special Needs locker room is a unisex locker room used by individuals with special needs or families with children over one year of age accompanied by a parent of the opposite sex.

Family Swim Hours

Monday-Friday (Starting June 25, 2018)

Day Camp Use:  9:00am-4:15pm
Open to Members: 4:30-8:00pm

*pool closes at 7:45pm

Saturday and Sunday (Starting June 9, 2018)

Open to Members:  12pm-6pm
*pool closes at 5:45pm



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Pool 2

Splash Pad

Sports Courts


Bounce Pillow Hours

Monday-Friday:  5-7pm (starting June 25, 2018)
Saturday and Sunday: 1-4pm (starting June 9, 2018)
*Pillow cannot be used when wet/raining

Holiday Hours  July 4, and Labor Day (Sept. 3rd)

Pool and Splash Pad:

Open to Members:  12pm-4pm

Bounce Pillow:

Open to Members:  12pm-4pm

Pool Policies


Jackets are available for use for non-deep end swimmers under the height requirement

Pool Toys

Please do not bring any items from home

Deep end swimming Information:

Component One (administered in shallow end of pool)

  • Feet first entry into shallow end of pool, approximately chest deep
  • Swim front crawl 15 yards
  • Swim 15 yards backstroke or elementary backstroke
  • Upon successful completion move to Component Two

Component Two (administered in water greater than chest deep)

  • Feet first entry into water greater than chest deep
  • Swim 25 yards using forward arm motion or breaststroke
  • Maintain position on back for 30 seconds
  • Swim 25 yards on back using either backstroke or elementary backstroke
  • Tread water for one minute



Deep End Tests for Campers
Bring your camper to take the deep end test before they attend camp– saves time and anxiety on the first day of camp.

for use with your YMCA membership card, please see Member Service staff to borrow