Camp Prep

Please review this document in full

Please be sure to also review:

Step 1:

  • Click on the parent info button at the top right of the page.
  • Please review all information on the parent info page.

Step 2:

  • After review the information on the parent info page, please use this link to start the registration process.
  • Returning Families: Please use your Camp Northpoint login information.
  • New Families: Click “New Family Enrollment”
  • Please note: Your Active login will not carry over to campsite. Summer Camp registration is a different registration system from our other programs.

New Families:

  • New families will be brought to the new family enrollment information page.
  • Each field must be completed.
  • Your camper information will help pull what programs your camper(s) are eligible for based on their current age and the grade they are entering the following school year.

Step 3:

  • You will then be given the camp options that are available for your camper’s age/grade level.
  • You will also see an option to filter by week.
  • You may only check one week at a time. Please make sure you only have one week selected at a time.
  • To select a camp option, click the “Add Option” button on the right and click the unit or specialty camp of your choice.
  • After each selection, be sure to click “Save and Continue”

Step 4:

  • Next you will answer camper specific and financial questions.
  • You will also have the opportunity to select any enrichments or swim lessons you would like your camper to participate in.
  • Enrichments and afternoon swim lessons will run Monday-Thursday, 3:30-4:45pm.
  • You are not required to select these and can add them at any time as capacity allows.
  • You can add these using the cancel/change form you review on the parent information page.
  • Once finished, be sure to click “Save and Continue.”

Step 5:

  • The following page is the “Forms Page.”
  • ‘Basic Medical Info’ and ‘Medications’ are required fields to complete your registration.
  • All other forms will need to be filled out no later than June 1, 2019. For your child’s safety, we start printing records and files for the summer at this time.
  • These can be completed by returning to your parent dashboard at a later time if need be.
  • Please note: If these are not completed, your camper may not be permitted to attend Camp Northpoint until the forms have been submitted.

Step 6:

  • You will need to add at least one authorized pick-up for your camper.
  • This is someone you trust to drop-off or pick-up your camper.
  • Photos are required for authorized pick-ups, parents, and campers.
  • You can manage your authorized pick-ups and update photos on your parent dashboard.
  • Hit “Back to Forms” in the bottom right corner.
  • Be sure to click “Save and Continue.”

Step 7:

  • Review the top grid for payment options. These options will describe when billing cycles begin.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Payment Amount’ and select your desired amount choice: Deposit Only, Pay Another Amount, or Pay in Full. Select payment type.
  • Below payment type is where you will select your payment schedule based on the grid.
  • Read through the terms and conditions, then sign and date.
  • Your registration has now been submitted.
  • You will receive two emails upon submission.
    • One with confirmation of your selections, and another with your temporary password for the Parent Dashboard.
    • Camp Northpoint staff will review your submission and process your enrollment.
    • You will be notified with either an enrollment confirmation, enrollment error, or if you are placed on a wait list.
    • Should you have any questions regarding billing or enrollment, please reach out to Becky Ott at 585-723-5478 or via email.

Your Parent Dashboard

Now that you have registered for camp at Camp Northpoint, you can sign into your parent dashboard by visiting the “Campsite Parent Dashboard” button at the top right of the Camp Northpoint homepage.

Your parent dashboard features:

  • Enrollment Tab: See what your camper is registered for or easily add to the fun.
  • Forms Tab: Update any forms-heath and medical forms.
  • Authorized Pick-ups: Look who you have listed as authorized pick-ups or make changes to the list. Pictures for authorized pick-ups must be uploaded.
  • Camp Today: Visit the camp blog, see photos and updates from camp.
  • Financial Tab: See your remaining balance, when payments are due, or make payments.
  • My Account Tab: Change your password, update emails or cell phone numbers.

Please use the buttons on the left hand side to navigate the parent handbook.



Camp day runs from 9 am-4 pm. Campers will have an opportunity to swim every day, weather permitting. The Y is committed to healthy living and modeling healthy eating. A healthy afternoon snack will be provided for all campers.
Please note: Parents are responsible for informing the camp office in writing of all changes to camper registration. Changes will not be accepted over the phone.


Extended morning care begins at 7 am and afternoon extended care is available until 6 pm. Extended care is available at no extra charge or additional registration to campers.

Camp Northpoint Transportation Options:

Changes to transportation cannot be accommodated after 3 pm.


  • From the Westside YMCA on Elmgrove to Camp Northpoint at 7:30 am
  • From the Westside YMCA on Elmgrove to Camp Northpoint at 8 am


  • Camp Northpoint to the Westside YMCA on Elmgrove – Campers will arrive at the Westside YMCA by 5:30 pm


Anyone picking up a camper must be listed on the child’s Authorized Pick Up List and must have either:

  • A photo uploaded to campsite as an authorized pick up. Please note that you may still be asked for a valid photo ID even with a photo uploaded to campsite.
  • A valid photo ID. Acceptable forms of ID include: Driver’s license or state non-driver ID, passport or military ID, or an employment identification card.

If a child is not picked up, YMCA staff will notify authorized individuals for pick up. If they cannot be reached within 2 hours of scheduled pick up time, the Monroe County Protective Agency will be notified.  There is a charge of $1.00 per minute for any child remaining after 6 pm. Please note that we are no longer using PIN’s for authorized pick-ups.


To change authorized pick-ups, please log into your Campsite Parent Dashboard.  Please upload photo’s of each authorized pick up. No notes or phone calls will be accepted to change authorized pickups. In the event that an unauthorized individual attempts to gain access to a child, the parent/guardian or emergency contact will be notified. Law enforcement will be contacted if necessary. Please note that a parent, regardless of custodial arrangements, has the authority to obtain a child from camp at any time unless a copy of the Court Order is on file with the camp office.


Please provide written notice if you need to pick up your child prior to 4 pm, forms are available at the sign in table.. Please be aware that due to the nature of the camp property, it’s likely your child’s group will not be in the immediate area of the camp office.

  • Unusual arrivals and departures close to regular arrival/departure time will result in delays.
  • Those who drop off/pick up between 9 am and 4 pm are required to sign in and out.
  • Email daily changes directly or fill out a form indicating an early pick up at the sign in table.
    • If you forget, or something comes up please call ahead to the Camp Office (585) 784-3800.
    • If your camper utilizes PM Transportation back to Westside and you plan to pick up early we need to know by 3 pm at the latest.


Please notify the camp if your child will be absent.


Please do not send your child to camp if they are sick and/or running a fever. If a child becomes ill at camp, a parent or person authorized to pick up will be contacted to pick up the child. Children must be symptom free for at least 24 hours before returning to camp. A doctor’s note may be required. Medical reasons for your child to remain home include but are not limited to:

  • A temperature of 101 or more.
  • Persistent nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.
  • Heavy nasal or eye discharge.
  • Any questionable rash or skin condition: This can include chicken pox, poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac, etc.
  • Any communicable diseases: This can include conjunctivitis, herpes virus which causes cold sores, lice,etc.

2020 School Age Session Dates and Themes:

Sampler: June 26 | Classic Camp

Session 1: June 29-July 3 | Holiday Craze

Session 2: July 6-10 | Gold Rush

Session 3: July 13-17 | Color Wars

Session 4: July 20-24 | Blast from the Past – Celebrate the Decades

Session 5: July 27-31 | Superhero Adventure

Session 6: August 3-7 | Olympics Week

Session 7: August 10-14 | Color Wars II

Session 8: August 17-21 | Fantastic Fantasy Week

Session 9: August 24-28 | Jungle Safari

Session 10: August 31-September 4 | Tournament Week – Gaga, Archery, and More!

2020 Camp Northpoint Jr. Session Dates and Themes

Session 1: June 29-July 3 | Growing and Gardening

Session 2: July 6-10 | Suesstastic Summer

Session 3: July 13-17 | Simple Science

Session 4: July 20-24 | Cooking – Chef Jr.

Session 5: July 27-31 | Superhero Week

Session 6: August 3-7 | Sports Sampler Jr.

Session 7: August 10-14 | Under Water and In the Sky

Session 8: August 17-21 | Transportation – Camp Northpoint Jr. On the Move

Session 9: August 24-28 | Music and Movement

Session 10: August 31-September 4 | Animal Investigation at Camp Northpoint


Comets-8:1 (Entering K & 1st Grade)
Meteors-10:1 (Entering 2nd & 3rd Grade)
Asteroids-10:1 (Entering 4th & 5th Grade)
Novas-10:1 (Entering 6th & 7th Grade)
Teens-12:1 (Entering 8th & 9th Grade)


If you child will be walking or biking to and from camp, please send a signed note to the camp office with specific days and dates that this is permitted. Please remind your child to sign out with their counselors before departing each day. Please note: New York State law requires that children have proper safety equipment (i.e. helmet) to ride a bike.


Camp is a cell phone and electronics free zone. If cell phones come to camp, they must remain safely in a backpack. The YMCA is not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal item. If a camper is continually reminded to put their cell phone away, staff may take the phone and lock it safely in the camp office.


Campers will take part in a fully scheduled program of activities regardless of weather. We are prepared with a rainy day schedule for each group which focus on crafts, group games, and special events. Be sure to dress campers appropriately for the weather.


Misplaced items are common among school age children. You can help limit lost items by following the below procedures. All lost and found items not claimed after two weeks will be donated to a charitable organization. The YMCA of Greater Rochester is not responsible for lost, stolen, broken or destroyed items.

  • Label all belongings with the campers first and last name.
  • Remind each child to check their belongings at the end of each day.
  • If something is lost, check the lost and found as soon as possible.
  • Notify camp staff upon sign in/sign out regarding lost items or speak with your child’s unit leader.
  • Lost & Found will be donated at the end of sessions 2,4,6,8,& 10.
    • To accommodate campers using transportation to the Westside branch we will bring ALL Lost & Found to the Westside drop-off point at the end of each Wednesday during sessions 2,4,6,8, & 10.


Each registered camper will receive a Camp t-shirt as part of their registration. Camp t-shirts will be distributed to each camper during their first session in attendance.


YMCA Camps are permitted to operate by the New York State Department of Health. We are inspected twice annually. Reports are filed with the Monroe County Department of Health.

Children’s Camps in New York State Brochure


Campers who wish to swim in designated deep-end water areas must pass the deep-end test. Campers that are unable to complete the deep-end test and do not meet the height requirements will be required to wear a life jacket and remain in the shallow end while swimming.


  • Deep End swimmers are required to take the YMCA of Greater Rochester deep end test annually.  Our list of approved deep-end swimmers is reset annually on Memorial Day Weekend.
  • Deep End tests will be offered to campers every Monday at Camp.  To ensure we are allocating resources efficiently deep end tests will only be offered on Mondays.
  • If you would like to have your camper take the deep end test prior to camp, you can do so beginning Memorial Day Weekend at any YMCA of Greater Rochester location.  Please ensure you let the guard conducting the test know you would like the results to be shared for day camp swimming purpose, and which camp(s) your camper will be attending.


Children should arrive to camp every day with the following items:

  • A camp bag for all camp stuff.
  • A refillable water bottle.
  • Lunch.
  • Swimsuit and towel.
  • Plastic bag for wet clothes.
  • Extra set of clothing.
  • Sunscreen and bug spray.
  • Sneakers (closed toed shoes are required for many camp activities.)
  • Rain Gear (weather permitting.)

All belongings should be labeled with your child’s first and last name.


The following items will be confiscated by YMCA staff and held in the office for parents to retrieve at the end of the camp day.

  • Tobacco, alcohol, drugs
  • Trading/playing cards
  • Valuables – The YMCA of Greater Rochester is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Personal toys or games.
  • Weapons.
  • Candy, gum or cough drops (due to food allergies, campers should not bring candy or snacks to share.)
  • Animals.
  • Lighters or matches.


As the YMCA of Greater Rochester, we are committed to healthy living in all our programs. For this reason, we ask that you follow the below guidelines when packing your campers lunch each day:

  • We recommend including whole grains, healthy proteins, and fresh fruits and vegetables in your campers lunch.
  • Be sure to pack an ice pack if your campers lunch needs to be kept cool.
  • Do not send items that require reheating or cooking.
  • Do not send campers with soda or candy.


All campers should apply sunscreen and insect repellent in the morning prior to arriving at camp. Staff will assist campers with reapplying their sunscreen and insect repellent after swim periods. To comply with child abuse protection guidelines, the application so sunscreen will take place in an open setting. We recommend that each camper keep their own bottle of sunscreen and insect repellent in their backpack labelled with their first and last name. Because campers spend a large part of the day outside, we recommend campers wear a hat to protect them from the sun and wear approved swim shirts while participating in swim periods.


It is preferred that prescription medications be administered at home whenever possible.

All medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, dispensed at camp requires a Medication Consent Form/Special Health Care Plan to be completed by the parent/guardian and the child’s physician. This form can be found on our website or obtained by calling the main office number.

Camper medication may be dropped off the week prior to camp starting or given directly to the camp health designee or Morning Camper Care Coordinator during the camp season. All medication must be in its original container and clearly labeled with the campers first and last name. Medications will not be accepted if they do not meet those requirements.

Campers with special care needs, including severe allergic reactions, asthma, or physical limitations are required to submit a special health care plan which can be found on the Campsite. We also encourage a one on one meeting prior to the campers start date with the camp health designee and/or Unit Head.



New York State Department of Health requires each camp to keep a current copy of every camper’s immunization history on file in order to attend. Campsite keeps immunization forms on file for as long as you have an account. Upload all immunization forms once, then you only have to upload immunization forms when they have been updated. A complete copy of your child’s immunization history should be submitted to the YMCA by June 1, 2019. Campers without an immunization history on file will not be permitted to attend.


Our staff is trained in handling a variety of emergency situations. In the event of an emergency, we will make ever attempt to notify parents immediately. If necessary, emergency transportation will be handled by local emergency services.


When enrolling your child in camp, it is important to be aware that you are submitting an enrollment request. With all the different factors and considerations on our end, we do not allow direct registration. Enrollment requests are submitted for review to allow us to ensure everything is in order with pricing, medical information, financial assistance, DSS funding, etc. No enrollment request is the same. Each enrollment request is reviewed and processed accordingly.


When you submit your enrollment request, your final page will show standard pricing and deposits. Please note that if you are applying for financial aid or DSS, we will review your request and adjust accordingly.

A sibling discount will be applied after one camper is registered in full price. A $15 discount will be applied for additional siblings in full-day programs, and a $10 discount will be applied for additional siblings in half-day programs.


Once your enrollment request has been fully reviewed and approved, the payment method included in your enrollment request is used to draft the required deposits. We require a card on file for all families.

  • Standard registration fee: $20 per camper.
  • DSS recipients required deposit: $1 per session per family.
  • Financial Aid recipients required deposit: $10 per session per camper.
  • Standard required deposits: $25 per session per camper.


Sampler (June 26): Payment due June 12.
Session 1
 (June 29-July 3): Payment due June 15.
Session 2 (July 6-10): Payment due June 22.
Session 3 (July 13-17): Payment due June 29.
Session 4 (July 20-24): Payment due July 6.
Session 5 (July 27-31) Payment due July 13.
Session 6 (August 3-7): Payment due July 20.
Session 7 (August 10-14): Payment due July 27.
Session 8 (August 17-21): Payment due August 3.
Session 9 (August 24-28): Payment due August 10.
Session 10 (August 31-September 4): Payment due August 17.


Financial assistance is made available through generous donations to the YMCA’s Annual Campaign.  The amount of assistance granted is based on individual need and family circumstances. All camper financial assistance applications are processed on a first come, first served basis.

  • Financial Aid packets can be found at your YMCA.
  • An enrollment request and completed financial assistance packet must be submitted simultaneously to ensure we can process/adjust the enrollment request and confirm acceptance of the Financial Aid rate at the same time.
  • Financial Aid packets should be submitted annually, if you have already completed one for this calendar year – your updated Financial Aid rate will be applied to your enrollment request.
    • When submitting your enrollment request please ensure you answer the Financial Aid request question accordingly.
    • The final screen will show full price for camp – your camp’s Billing & Registration specialist will review your enrollment request and adjust accordingly based on your completed Financial Aid packet.


  • An up to date Notice of Decision is needed to complete the enrollment process and ensure billing is handled appropriately.
  • To receive an updated Notice of Decision, please contact your case worker to ensure you are following the proper steps.
    • Complete a Child Care Statement with approval from Billing & Registration Specialist.
    • Enrollment Form for provider of legally exempt Group Child Care
      • Pages 1-13 completed by provider & reviewed by parent/guardian
      • Pages 14-19 completed by parent/guardian
        • Return to provider
      • YMCA Camp Vendor #
      • Understanding the care you are approved for.


Please note we are unable to pro-rate weekly camp fees for any reason other than a legal holiday. We require written notice of session cancellation 14 days in advance of the session start date for refunds. You will be refunded the session tuition, the initial deposit and registration fee are non-refundable. Cancellation notices received fewer than 14 days in advance of a session beginning will result in a credit that may be used towards another 2020 camp session pending availability. Once a session begins, no refunds or credits will be given without a medical reason verified by your child’s pediatrician.


All YMCA Camp programs strive to use discipline in a fair, nurturing manner. Punitive methods are not acceptable. The YMCA takes great pride in guiding children to become successful and happy individuals who are learning to independently get along with others. This is achieved through the following:

  • Role Modeling: Effectively exemplifies good qualities needed for acceptance in a group.
  • Positive Reinforcement: To encourage repetition of good behavior.
  • Reinforcing Problem Solving Skills: These include settling disagreements with aggressiveness, predicting consequences, thinking of the feelings of others, etc.
  • Reason and Logic:  Helping children to think through a problem and find the solution that works best for everyone concerned.

Any camper who commits an act of physical aggression or gross disobedience will complete a behavior incident report with camp staff. Reports will be shared with the child’s parents/guardians, and may result in any of the following actions as determined by the camp director or director designee:

  • First Offense: Parents will be contacted and the child will be suspended for the next day of camp.
  • Second Offense: Child will be suspended from camp for the remainder of the session.
  • Third Offense: Child will be expelled from camp for the remainder of the summer.

There will be no refund or fees or deposits for days a camper is suspended. Please go over these policies with your children. Expectations for behavior and consequences will be reviewed on an ongoing basis over the course of the summer, but your cooperation is needed to ensure that the right of each camper to have a safe and happy environment is attained.


We understand that when it comes to your children, an emotional response is sometimes hard to avoid. However, we ask you to understand that we are doing our best to ensure all children have a positive experience in a safe environment while at camp. We evaluate each situation or conflict as objectively as possible and assess the event of each incident, keeping in mind each child’s part in the issue. Our goal with any and every incident is to react as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure we are moving forward and learning from the incident. Both as an organization and for all parties involved, our goal is to improve and prevent further incidents.

There are very few one-sided incidents and to successful address a situation, we must look at each child’s part and gather all the facts. When speaking with you, we exercise the confidentiality of everyone concerned and can only provide information pertinent to your child. Staff cannot provide any personal information of other children/parents involved in a situation. We ask that you work with us to reinforce concerns brought forward and help by offering positive solutions to your child to avoid conflict in the future.

Just as we expect your child to respect the facility, our mission, and our staff working within it, we ask you to do the same. Remember there are impressionable ears everywhere in our facilities and as an adult, you have a responsibility to express yourself accordingly. Bullying occurs at all ages an we will not respond to parents who attempt to intimidate our staff with threats of any kind.

Please speak appropriately and refrain from using threatening words, tone of voice, gestures, foul language, sexually inappropriate comments, and physical contact toward our staff. Please be aware that aggression of threatening behavior of any kind could affect your child’s eligibility to attend our program. Such behavior will not be tolerated and authorities will be contacted.

Newsletters will be posted here this coming summer (2019).