Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

The YMCA of Greater Rochester believes no one should be denied membership or program participation solely because of the inability to pay. Through our Financial Assistance program, we believe in providing membership and program services to all.

What is the Financial Assistance Program?

The Financial Assistance (FA) Program provides individuals and families in need with financial support to enable their participation in a Y membership and program activities. FA is granted based on available resources.

How will the Financial Assistance amount be determined?

We have a sliding fee scale, based on total household income, number of dependents and special needs or circumstances which helps determine the amount of assistance given.

How long will an individual’s Financial Assistance continue?

The need for FA must be reassessed every year. Participants must reapply with new/updated forms. Note: FA assistance is provided on a one-year basis. Additional assistance may be granted.

Other assistance types are based on the length of a program or session. Membership participants are expected to contact staff for evaluation 30 days prior to expiration. Membership participants must reapply every year, even if it is a renewal. All participants are expected to notify the Y staff person handling FA if their financial situation changes. Scholarships must be approved prior to program registration and does not guarantee you a spot in a program.

How quickly can I expect to receive Financial Assistance?

Once you complete the FA application, you must turn it in, along with all the requested documents, and make an appointment with the branch’s FA representative. You will then be contacted within one week regarding the status of your application

How is confidential information handled?

Only you, the branch staff responsible for FA and, if a program participant, the Director of the program in which you participate will have knowledge of the FA program form.

Is Financial Assistance available at all YMCA of Greater Rochester branches?

FA is available at every branch of the YMCA of Greater Rochester. However, because subsidies are branch specific, FA is not transferable from one branch to another. In other words, FA must be sought at the branch where your membership is based.

How do I apply?

Complete the FA Application Form and return it to your local Y. Please submit copies of the following documents:

  • Most recent years Federal Income Tax Form
  • Four recent paycheck stubs
  • Copy of OCFS worksheet (if applicable)
  • Social security benefits (if applicable)
  • Include copies for all individuals contributing to household income